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Being in business for yourself is tough. I get it. I launched my first business (this one!) when I was 25. It never stops being challenging — the challenges grow and change as your business does.

But I’ve been there. I remember how hard it was to make ends meet in the early days, and I remember how hard the growing pains were with my third six-figure year under my belt — when I needed to evaluate & hire support. I’ve been there.

And I want to help you.

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all business advice. Big-hearted business isn’t formulaic, and there’s no one path to success.

There are two ways you can hire me to coach with you. Kill Your Overwhelm sessions are intended to be quick-stop solutions to your immediate issues. Long-term coaching is a bit of a commitment. (Keep reading.)

Kill Your Overwhelm Sessions

You’ve been in business for awhile now. Or you’ve had the idea for your business for awhile. Or maybe the idea for your business hit you in the shower this morning and the panic of planning it all has just hit you. There’s work to be done on the ground level.

You’re in the right place.

I call them clarity sessions. You can call it business coaching, brand therapy, creative strategy — call it tea & cookies with your new business bestie. This is all about curing yourself of the overwhelm, getting clear & gaining forward momentum.

We’ll meet via Zoom (or phone, if preferred) for one 90-minute session. After our session, I’ll be available to support you for a whole week via email or Voxer.

Once you’ve purchased your session, you’ll have a little homework to do, so make sure you give yourself an hour or so to tackle that before we meet.


1 90-minute session + pre-session audit + 1 week of post-session support via email/Voxer: $225
(new coaching clients only)

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Quarterly Coaching / Digital Strategy Consulting

Long term coaching for small business owners is a little bit of life-coaching meets business-coaching. I’ll meet you where you are — three times a month, in fact, for 3 months. We can talk about money blocks, business plans, e-course outlines, blog calendars, social media strategy, that passive-aggressive thing your sister said last week — all of it. (With deep work in between — it’s really helpful to talk things out, but I’m all about pushing the envelope.)



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