About my work


I’m not that into business as usual. I want more than that for myself — and for you, too. I genuinely believe that we can have it all – flourishing businesses, financial abundance, ease, and a life that makes us excited to get up in the morning.

I’ve been making websites since 1999. I was fifteen then. I founded my first WordPress design business on July 16th, 2009, and that business has evolved into this one: SixteenJuly, LLC.

In the past decade, I’ve helped more than 250 small business owners up-level their online spaces.

I’ve worked with clients like NBC Sports, The National Society for Collegiate Scholars, and Mariska Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation — but my true love is personal brand identity & digital strategy. These days I work almost exclusively with woman-owned personality brands and small businesses. #theluckiest

— Evan

Details, details

I’m Evan Leah Quinn. I’m a granola-geek with a scientist’s brain and an artist’s heart.

I recently moved from the Seattle area to Kennebec Valley, Maine, and I’m finding my way in a simpler, small-town life. I have three dogs – Diesel, Finnegan, and Xander. I’m an outgoing but highly-sensitive INFJ. I enjoy yoga and green smoothies, but you’ll never, ever see me turn down a french fry or a glass of red wine. I’m a natural mama even though I don’t have children of my own. I like my home to be filled with people, plants, and animals, and I’ll do anything I possibly can to brighten your day, even if I barely know you.

My passions (outside of making the internet gorgeous and effective) include blogging, powerlifting, mixed-media art, and photography. I take photos with a Fujufilm XT-20, Canon 60D (current model) or my iPhone.


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